Research Paper

The History of the Alash Party in the Context of the Impact on the Processes of Constitutional Acts

Authors: Alima Auanasova, Erkesh Nurpeisov, Kamilla Auanassova, Ganizhamal Kushenova & Nurlan Mukhlissov

Year: 2021, Volume: 12, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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The relevance of a research is caused by necessity to study the first legal acts in Kazakhstan having the constitutional value, since they reflected the tendency to gain state independence through autonomisation, first at the regional level, and then for whole Kazakhstan. The aim of this article is to analyse and give an assessment to normative legal acts of certain regions of Kazakhstan, the Alash and Turkestan Autonomies of 1917–1918 concerning the state-building. The methodological basis of the study became general scientific methods of theoretical knowledge, content analysis of texts of legal acts, a comparative analysis of the results of Kazakhstan and foreign studies on the problems of state-building in the pre-Soviet period, chronic documentary analysis of archival sources. Features of normative legal acts of 1917–1918 concerning the state building were determined. The detailed analysis of the first acts having the constitutional value was presented. It was concluded that the program of the Alash party could become a political platform for the constitution of a democratic federal state.