Short Report

Archaeological and Anthropological Investigation in Case of Urgent Time Constraints of Rescue Archaeology in South Korea

Authors: Hyejin Lee, Mi Kyung Song, Kyoung-Mi Nam, Heeseon Kim, Ji-Won Park, Soon Chul Cha, Jieun Kim, Jong Ha Hong, Ryang-Ji Kang & Dong Hoon Shin

Year: 2021, Volume: 12, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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In the general context of rescue archaeology or in any emergency salvage operation, especially where human bones are involved that need to be cremated within a short time frame, anthropologists cannot conduct their work carefully at a university or institute lab. Thus, they have sought ever-more efficient and effective investigative protocols by which work can be conducted in cases of urgent time constraints. A recent anthropological survey conducted at a small town in South Korea (Goryeung) is thus significant. A joint team of anthropologists and dress historians performed collaborative research work in a “field lab” set up at the excavation site. Our novel protocol, by which academic data demonstrably can be successfully secured in the field instead of having to be sent to a university or institute lab, could be useful for the purposes of rescue archaeology.