Short Report

Captivating Architecture of Samadhis (Commemorative Tombs), Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan

Authors: Hadiqa Imtiaz, Komal Zahra & Saqib Raza

Year: 2021, Volume: 12, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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South Asia is an attractive land encapsulating a splendid cultural heritage in the form of dignified art and architecture. Potohar plateau is an uneven land encompassing four district of Punjab Province: Chakwal, Attock, Rawalpindi and Jehlum. Chakwal is one of them. This land is comprised of diversified landscape with hills intersected by undulating plains and rocky patches. A preliminary survey and documentation were conducted in Chakwal in 2019 which yielded a considerable number of archaeological sites and monuments. Chakwal is accommodating rich cultural profile from Stone Age to Medieval Period. Marvelous architecture of different eras is its fascinating aspect. The monuments of district Chakwal are very rich in art and architecture which show local as well as western (Greeks, Roman and Persian) influences. This research paper will throw light upon the splendid architecture of Hindu and Sikh Samadhis found in the same district. Among commemorative tombs, one of them is both Hind-Sikh Samadhi
which is a unique and rare characteristic of intriguing Samadhis in the region of Potohar. Fresco paintings illustrated inside the tombs will reveal cultural articulation of Indian Sub-Continent to the western world in the form of decorative motifs as these have been amalgamated to adorn the architecture pieces.