Research Paper

Archaeological Remains of Rajaduar Area in North Guwahati, Assam

Authors: Y. S. Sanathana & Manjil Hazarika

Year: 2019, Volume: 10, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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Guwahati, identified with the ancient Pragjyotishapura, has been a major centre of cultural development in Assam since ages. The present day Guwahati is well known for the temple of Kamakhya, the early medieval sites like Pandunath, Vishnu-Janardhan in the southern bank; Umananda and Urvashi Islands in middle of the river and Dirgheswari, Daul Govinda, Kurma-Janardan, Aswaklanta, Rudreswar and Manikarneswar in the northern bank of Brahmaputra river. The famous archaeological site of Ambari in Guwahati has provided ample evidence for understanding the cultural growth of the area since the beginning of Common Era. Considering the archaeological and historical significance of Guwahati, a detailed documentation and in-depth study has been taken up by the authors in various areas of the city and this paper is an attempt to document the archaeological remains in the Rajaduar area in North Guwahati