Research Paper

Explorations of the Rocky Outcrops of Lower Jira Valley of Bargarh Upland, West Odisha, India

Authors: Sudam Deep

Year: 2018, Volume: 9, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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For the last few decades a large number of microlithic sites have been reported in the Jira river valley. All these sites have yielded very rich stone tool antiquities. But these prehistoric lithic assemblages are found in different contexts and geographical locations. A number of open air sites are found in this region which can be categorized into four major types like Foot hill contexts, River Banks, Rocky knobs and Piedmont areas. Prehistoric settlements of all these contexts in this region vary from one to another in use of raw materials and technology. Recent explorations made by author in Jira valley have brought to light some Rocky knob sites in lower part of this valley. In this paper a preliminary study has been made to discuss the cultural antiquity reported from the Rocky Knob sites.