Research Paper

A Study of Development of the Ahar Culture in south-east Rajasthan, India from a ceramic point of view

Authors: Amrita Sarkar

Year: 2012, Volume: 3, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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This paper deals with pottery assemblages from the chalcolithic sites of Balathal and Gilund of
the Ahar Culture of southeast Rajasthan. The author tries to build up ceramic chronologies for
each of these individual sites in order to identify different phases in the chalcolithic period and
ascertain layers to these phases. It is done to evaluate whether pottery assemblage do give us
much information on history and society of Ahar people. It further integrates data from these two
major excavated sites and attempts to provide certain developmental trends and characteristics
of chalcolithic pottery of the specific prehistoric “culture region”, once the type site (Ahar) has
been established and culture region has been defined (Ahar/Banas/Mewar/southeast Rajasthan).