Research Paper

Swastika Symbol on Bharhut Stone Railing: A Case Study

Authors: Rita Dutta

Year: 2010, Volume: 2, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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Swastika symbol has imprinted its significant space in most of the Ancient Indian designs in expressions like dakshinavarta and suvastika as well as tetraskelion. There are variety of opinions regarding the origin, chief function and the meaning of swastika. In Indian sub-continent it can be located from pre-Harappan times to the date. It occupies all possible sites of expression in the material culture including sculptures, pottery, coins, etc. The present paper is an attempt to classify and describe the swastika symbol as depicted in the Bharhut remains, especially railings. It was auspicious as well as decorative. The depiction of the said symbol is with the combined application of other symbols like srivatsa, nandipada, purna ghata, vessels of gems, conch shell, twin fish, elephant goad, flywhisk, lotus, wheel, parasol, throne, chuda, foot print, stupa, tree, etc.