Research Paper

Past and Present: Human - Environment Interaction in the Bampur Valley

Authors: Mehdi Mortazavi & Fariba Mosapour Negari

Year: 2010, Volume: 2, Page/Article: 1, DOI:

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Today, it would be impossible to study any settlement without a thorough investigation of its surrounding environment. All human groups influence their environment, both locally and on a wider scale. Domestication of plants and animal is one of the most important examples of human interference.  The focal feature of the human environment is the site and the factors influencing the selection of a location that is dependent on features like proximity to water, strategic position and orientation and can be easily identified.

This paper, is based on the results of the authors surveys (2002 and 2006) in the Bampur Valley and aims to discuss relationships between humans and the environment in the Valley which has not been systematically evaluated. The paper will focus on both present villages and ancient settlements around the Damin and Bampur Rivers.  The above two different areas, which are located in the Bampur Valley, will also be compared with each other in order to examine interactions between people and environment since the above two areas differ environmentally and affected the people’s livelihood differently.