Research Paper

The Report of Fourth Season Excavations at Tol- e Bondu and Discovery of a Temple, West of Fars, Iran

Authors: Ali Atabaki & Soheila Darvishi

Year: 2006, Volume: 1, Page/Article: 1-9, DOI:

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This paper underlines the important archaeological evidence unearthed from four seasons of excavation at Tol-e Bondu, located at Rostam-Du, Noorabad city, Fars province. The most significant information acquired from this excavation is the discovery of a temple from the 16th layer, exactly similar to the one from the middle phase of the Elamite culture. This paper discusses the structures and other features showing similarity between the two regions. Studying the history of the Elamites via relief and inscriptions in Mesopotamia leads us to the belief that performing religious ceremonies played an important role in the civilization and culture of Elam.