Research Paper

Explorations of four Dhenugals in Alibag, District Raigad

Authors: Nikita Mahajani

Year: 2024, Volume: 15, Page/Article: 129-134, DOI:

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Dhenugal (cow-calf stone) was used to show the boundaries of the donated village and land. A cow and calf are carved on this rectangular vertical stone. The cow is the symbol of the king and the calf is the symbol of the subjects. Just as the cow rears the calf, the king rears the subjects. The analysis of Numerous Dhenugal stones has been done to determine the significance of the epigraphical information carved on them. The engraved illustrations on Dhenugal’s required further study and consideration. This paper will attempt to analyze the illustration on the four newly discovered Dhenugal stones in Raigad District.