Research Paper

Moribetta and Morikallu: Two Megalithic Burial Sites on the Edge of Western Ghats in Kodagu District, Karnataka

Authors: Chandan Kumar, D. M. & V. Shobha

Year: 2023, Volume: 14, Page/Article: 9-25, DOI:

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The hilly district of Kodagu (Coorg) in Karnataka has more than forty megalithic burial clusters, occuring mostly in the eastern parts of the district adjoining the Mysore plateau. Of these, the sites of Moribetta and Morikallu are prominent not only because of the location of burials on rocky hillocks but also due to certain peculiar features like semi-arch shaped menhirs and slabs with anthropomorphic features associated with the dolmen/dolmenoid cists burials at Moribetta. Such features are rare in the context of the megaliths of Karnataka. This paper highlights the salient and common features of the burial architecture documented at these sites.