Research Paper

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Gangneung Mummy’s Heart and Liver Based on the Computed Tomography Images

Authors: Ensung Koh, Da Yeong Lee, Dongsoo Yoo, Myeung Ju Kim, Jong Ha Hong, Sang Joon Park, Jieun Kim, In Sun Lee and Dong Hoon Shin

Year: 2023, Volume: 14, Page/Article: 1-8, DOI:

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The data obtained through mummy research provide researchers with abundant archaeological and medical information of pre-industrialized Korean people. Over the years, autopsy becomes a research tool rarely conducted in mummy studies, which has been increasingly replaced by non-invasive radiological technique. In this report, a novel three dimensional (3D) segmentation and model reconstruction has been conducted on the heart and liver CT images acquired from Gangneung mummy of Joseon period in Korea. By successful estimation of the mummy’s preservation and pathological status by exclusively calling the data of specific target organs, our report could reveal how efficiently 3D reconstruction grasps spatial interrelationship between multiple mummified structures.