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Editorial Full text PDF
Vasant Shinde 5

Research Paper

Homo Sapiens (Archaic) Baby Fossil of the Middle Pleistocene Full text PDF
P. Rajendran, Peter Koshy, Santha Sadasivan 7-13
An Excavation of a Shell-midden at Pallemalla in Southern Littoral area of Sri Lanka: Some Evidence of Prehistoric Chenier Occupation in c. 4th millennium BC Full text PDF
Raj Somadeva, Sudevi Ranasinghe 15-24
Neolithic Culture of Northeast India: A Recent Perspective on the Origins of Pottery and Agriculture Full text PDF
Manjil Hazarika 25-44
The Report of Fourth Season Excavations at Tol- e Bondu and Discovery of a Temple, West of Fars, Iran Full text PDF
Ali Atabaki, Soheila Darvishi 45-52
The Bampur Valley: A New Chronological Development Full text PDF
Mehdi Mortazavi 53-62
Basic Issues in Harappan Archaeology: Some Thoughts Full text PDF
Vasant Shinde, Shweta Sinha Deshpande, Toshiki Osada, Takao Uno 63-72
Spatial Analyses of Harappan Urban Settlements Full text PDF
Hirofumi Teramura, Takao Uno 73-79
Negligible Details? On a Study of Terracotta Miniature Carts from a Harappan site in Gujarat Full text PDF
Elke Rogersdotter 81-102
Development of Urbanization in the Mewar Region of Rajasthan, India in the Middle of Third Millennium BC Full text PDF
Shweta Sinha Deshpande, Vasant Shinde 103-122
A Critical Review of the Economy of the Chalcolithic People of Inamgaon Full text PDF
Anwita Dutta 123-137
Zinc and Brass in Archaeological Perspective Full text PDF
J. S. Kharakwal, L. K. Gurjar 139-159
Thresholding: A Pixel-Level Image Processing Methodology Preprocessing Technique for an OCR System for the Brahmi Script Full text PDF
H. K. Anasuya Devi 161-165
Thinning: A Preprocessing Technique for an OCR System for the Brahmi Script Full text PDF
H. K. Anasuya Devi 167-172


North Indian Protohistory and Vedic Aryans Full text PDF
Suraj Bhan 173-178

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